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UNIS effortlessly integrates with your ERP platform, streamlining the process of receiving fulfillment and transportation orders, ensuring their timely and accurate fulfillment and delivery.
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Standby Power Systems
Given the inherent instability of power systems and grids, a rapidly growing business recognized the necessity for expansion across various key regions. UNIS promptly extended its services into three major markets, allowing this formidable megawatt industry leader to concentrate on its core manufacturing operations.
Top 250 Household Goods MFG
A major household appliances and kitchenware manufacturer experienced such rapid growth that they found it challenging to keep pace with their increasing demands. Turning to UNIS for a solution, they required an additional 600,000 square feet of distribution space. Today, UNIS efficiently fulfills orders for their largest big box clients, ensuring smooth operations for this thriving business.
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Has your business always been or is transforming to a larger percentage of orders going B2C? Our proprietary WMS makes sure your order fulfillment is done same day and right every time.
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Do compliance issues and fines keep you awake at night? We make sure that the issues that flow downhill to supply chain are resolved so orders get out the door on-time and right every time.
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