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We were at a point in our growth that we needed to go beyond our own warehousing and have someone else that could help us expand and meet our growth needs- and UNIS was able to do that for us. The technology that UNIS provides us allows us to have visibility within our supply chain so that when our customers need to know where their product is, when it’s shipped, it’s readily available to us to meet their needs.
Rob Brinkman, Chief Commercial Officer
NZXT Computers
We needed over 200,000 sq ft of space and they also have warehouses across the country...we needed to receive trailers around the clock in very large volumes and Unis was able to accommodate all of those.
Shannon Koeppen, Trade Management Executive
Livingston Intl
If we need anything, they’re always available... if we need to go and look at one of our inventories late at night, I know that its available for us to go into the warehouse.
Bernice Zuniga, Operations Manager
SunLogix Logistics
We like to use UNIS because we know that they can handle electronics well; so we have faith that they can handle our TVs in good shape.
Frances Yan, Directions of Operations
Our impact exists in many industries.
Retail Consolidation
Our retail consolidation solutions help retailers enhance their bottom line while minimizing their environmental impact.
Retail Distribution
We excel in various facets of retail distribution including warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation, and inventory management.
Transload Services
We ensure that your products move efficiently, reducing shipping costs and optimizing transportation routes.
Direct Store Delivery
With DSD, your retail business benefits from increased product availability and reduced lead times.
We provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions that enable businesses to excel in the online marketplace.
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