Intermodal Freight Solutions
Flexible, Reliable, Sustainable
Combining Mode for Efficient Transport of your Freight
Intermodal freight combines cargo ships, trucks, and trains for efficient
shipping. UNIS, an experienced intermodal marketing company with
connections to major railroads, offers cost-effective solutions.

Our specialists simplify intermodal shipping-handling, everything from scheduling to managing accessorial fees. Plus, intermodal shipping can significantly reduce your CO2 emissions, making it a greener choice.

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The UNIS Intermodal Difference
UNIS offers a full spectrum of container drayage services, positioning us as your go-to provider for all drayage needs across any port in the nation.
Centralized Marketplace Access
As a leading IMC, UNIS offers access to a comprehensive marketplace of freight and rail solutions, enhancing your capacity and purchasing power.
Dedicated Support for All Levels of Experience
Whether you're new to intermodal or an experienced user, our team provides the capacity, pricing, and insights for a diversified and sustainable carrier base.
Optimized Network Strategies
We conduct thorough network analyses to identify opportunities for modal conversion, reducing emissions, and scaling to match your volume. Our digital tools provide real-time visibility and tracking for all your shipments
Application-Specific Intermodal Services
Residential Deliveries
From box trucks with lift gates for home appliance delivery to sprinter vans for high-value hand deliveries, our network is equipped for all residential delivery scenarios.
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Business Solutions
Manage complex final mile shipments or cross-docking with retailers efficiently.mOur dedicated service specialists are on hand to support, or manage your shipments online.
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Ready to Embrace the Intermodal Advantage
Let UNIS be your partner in transforming your freight journey with intermodal solutions. Our commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and customer service ensures your freight is in expert hands.
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