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Container Drayage Services

UNIS offers a full spectrum of container drayage services, positioning us as your go-to provider for all drayage needs across any port in the nation.
Explore Container Drayage Solutions with UNIS

Seamless Container Transitions from Port to Rail or Road

In today's global market, the seamless integration of international and domestic transport is crucial. With port congestion at an all-time high, our expertise in container drayage is more vital than ever. UNIS ensures your freight transitions smoothly from ship to shore, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency.

Comprehensive Drayage Solutions by UNIS

Our capabilities span a broad range of container sizes, including 53’ domestic, 45’, 40’, and 20’ international containers. We're committed to providing exceptional service and offer solutions including:
  • Hauling containerized freight from ports to facilities or intermodal ramps.
  • Transloading for domestic intermodal or over-the-road transport.
  • Shuttling containers between ports and yards for streamlined pickup.
  • Facilitating the export process from your facility to the port.
  • Transporting empty containers for overseas return.
  • Integrating container drayage with intermodal or over-the-road options.

The UNIS Edge in
Container Drayage

Experienced Drayage Professionals
The complexity of drayage is our specialty. Our team ensures that every detail, from equipment to scheduling, is flawlessly managed.
Rapid Response Time
Our priority is swift action. With our nationwide network, we promptly connect you with the necessary carriers and assets for on-time pickup.
Eco-Friendly Intermodal Options
As an intermodal marketing company (IMC), we offer sustainable shipping solutions that can reduce emissions by up to 30%.
Explore Container Drayage Solutions with UNIS

Our Drayage Solutions

Domestic Containers
International Containers
Intermodal Freight
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